Meet The Founder of Dog Dash

My name is Christian. As the founder of DogDash3k I thought I'd share a little about myself. For years, I struggled with addiction. Then in 2016 I was in a drunk driving crash going around 130mph. The driver was not wearing his seatbelt; he was ejected and killed. By the grace of God and my seatbelt I survived. BUCKLE UP! When I woke up in the hospital I was told that I may never walk again, due to my orthopedic injuries. I had also suffered two strokes and a TBI, causing me to lose most of my eyesight. I have worked vigorously and with determination to grow and learn from ALL of this; I am now walking and my vision is coming back. I am also ready to get back into the event business I love so much! I know I wouldn't have made it as far in my recovery if it weren't for my dog and best friend (princess) Millie! I think it's time to pay it forward and celebrate not just dogs but the pure joy, motivation, and passion they bring us!!